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Exalted Ruler Don Bottomley

Exalted Ruler Don Bottomley

Its the new year in the Lodge, and I am looking forward to serving all of you as Exalted Ruler. As you know, its going to be an exciting year with our closing out the old Lodge building and moving into the new one. So many of our members take such pride in our Lodge, I know were going to do great.

So read your Elkhorn and check the calendar we always have some-thing going on! And remember, We do good by having fun!

Fraternally, Don Bottomley, Exalted Ruler

What's Happening

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You don't want to forget these upcoming events:

  • Friday-Monday, May 22-25
    Meadowood Work Party
  • Monday, June 15
    OSEA Legislative Day at the Capitol

poker hand - royal flush

Texas Hold 'Em Tournaments

12:00 Noon

Limited to 48 players, "First Come – First Entered." Learn more about it...

Dice in the Bar Potluck @6:30pm

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